Copaiba – A Mommy’s Best Friend

Copaiba for Teething

My most exciting essential oil discovery in 2015 was Copaiba. I have come to love this woodsy, calming scent, but even more I have fallen in love with its soothing capability during times of teething.

My Baby Oilist often refuses certain feedings when she is teething. She’ll begin to eat and then start crying and refuse anything in her mouth for several hours. Early on when she was exclusively breastfeeding, I would begin to feel alarmed by her refusal, especially if it was during the night. Rocking, swinging, singing, distracting often offered little to no relief.

A friend suggested I try applying one drop of Copaiba essential oil topically on her gums. The first time I experimented with this, she calmed down immediately. Coincidence?

Copaiba for Teething

This past week Baby Oilist has been working on getting her 1-year-old molars in. At first, [I’d change the word order and put “with tears” here] she refused to eat. I remembered my success with Copaiba earlier in her life and ran to my essential oil collection to get it.

Her brown eyes searched my face as I gently rubbed a tiny drop on her bulging gums. She usually doesn’t let someone else’s finger in her mouth while she is teething. This time, however, she placed her hands on my wrist to keep my hand in place while massaging her gum with the oil.

Once again she was very calm after this application and readily went on to eat after this.

Copaiba for Teething

Happy baby equals a happy mommy!

Here are some additional forms of relief that I have found to be helpful:

Chiropractic adjustments – I love to take them in for a chiropractic adjustment. They sleep better, nurse better and seem much more relaxed.

Amber necklace – There is a lot of controversy if this actually works. The basic idea is that the naturally occurring resin in the amber beads permeates through the skin and works as a natural pain neutralizer. I have used these necklaces with both my babies and seem to see a positive difference. I definitely notice a significantly reduced amount of drool when they are wearing their necklaces. Plus, those necklaces are just so cute!

Frozen foods – If the baby is a little older, frozen fruit (cut in appropriate sizes) is always a special treat. Bananas, mangos, kiwi or blueberries are excellent ways to feed a tender-mouthed baby.

 Copaiba for Teething