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Valor Essential Oil – For the Bumps and Bruises of Everyday Life


For the bumps and bruises of everyday life, I love to show a little extra love and care. Taking little falls and stubbing tiny toes are part of every little person’s life.

In fact, the average 2 year-old falls down 38 times a day! Some of those falls are worse than others, and if one of my girls has a big tumble, I always get her checked out by our chiropractor or doctor.

Yet many of these little owies need only a kiss before those chubby legs take her happily away to her next adventure.

But some of the falls need more than a kiss, but less than a doctor’s appointment. That is when I turn to my trusty “bumps and bruises” tool kit:

  • Valor essential oil
  • Arnica
  • Ice

Ice and arnica are wonderful, age-old remedies for everyday bumps and bruises.

Using “Valor” has been a recent discovery for me. It is a wonderful blend of four essential oils that support good circulation and general health. Valor is now one of my most used essential oil blends.


Besides Rosewood and Blue Tansy essential oils, the Valor blend has two powerhouse essential oils. Here are several fun facts about Northern Lights Black Spruce and Frankincense essential oils:

Northern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oil – “…comes from Young Living’s new Northern Lights farm in British Columbia, Canada. You can add it to skin care products or apply topically to help improve the appearance of dry skin or to help maintain the appearance of healthy-looking skin. This oil includes the naturally occurring constituents alpha-pinene, camphene, and beta-pinene.”

Frankincense Essential Oil – “…is considered a holy oil in the Middle East, where it has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years and was one of the gifts given to Christ at his birth. Frankincense is mentioned in one of the oldest known scientific records, the Ebers papyrus, dating from the 16th century B.C. Young Living distills its Frankincense oil from the resin of Boswellia carterii trees located in northern Africa near the Arabian peninsula.”

I keep a little bottle of mildly diluted Valor blend accessible at all times. I attach a rollerball on top of our bottle for easy and gentle application.

If you have little people in your life, Valor is a wonderful blend to have stowed away for those weebles, wobbles and little falls of your babies.