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Using Lavender Essential Oil in Labor


The one thing that was very normal about my labor with my first little Oilist was that it was exciting in the beginning and exhausting at the end. As I began to prepare for the pushing stage of labor, I began feeling weak and short of breath.

My midwife rummaged through my hospital bag in search of something to help me relax. What she pulled out didn’t surprised me. She opened my bottle of lavender essential oil and had me take deep breaths of it in between contractions. It made such a difference as I was better able to relax and let my body do its work.

Soon I wasn’t the only one taking belly breaths of lavender. Those dear middle-of-the-night delivery nurses were also taking turns smelling…as well as my midwife…as well as her assistant…as well as my husband.

Just before 1am my little girl was finally born. All the work, all the pain and all the concern was behind me and I could just cuddle my new baby – a baby, who was born into an excited and relaxed room which smelled to me like a blossoming field of lavender.

Lavender EO

That is how I used my lavender essential oil during labor and delivery. Here are some other ways to consider using lavender essential oil during birth:

  • Heat a crockpot and fill with water, 15-20 drops of lavender essential oil and a dozen washcloths. Have your coach keep a steady stream of warm, wrung out wash cloths coming to place over you tummy during contractions. Sometimes this damp heat along with the calming benefits of lavender can help a laboring mother tremendously…especially during transition.
  • Have coach rub diluted lavender essential oil into aching lower back
  • Massage sore, tired legs with lavender oil
  • After birth, mist lavender bed spray (recipe coming soon!) on the blankets or sheets to make for a peaceful sleep for mommy and baby (test fabric first).