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Strengthening Exercises with Essential Oils

Strengthening Exercises with Essential Oils

Early morning exercise isn’t for everyone, but it is something that I have come to love. Taking a run on the treadmill is a sure way to wake up. Going for a 30 minute swim at the gym has kick-started many of my days.

However, some of my very favorite early morning exercise times have been a lot slower paced. Last year when I was pregnant with Baby Oilist, it was the early morning hours that I spent doing the hundreds of kegels, pelvic tilts and other homework exercises from our Bradley birth class.

Strengthening Exercises with Essential Oils

To keep me awake and making my way through these relaxing exercises, I had some of my favorite grounding essential oils nearby and would often deeply inhale while I worked out. Even being full of baby and the exhaustion that can come with that, I loved those exercise times. My body started craving those stretches and my mind would look forward to the awakening time of deep breathing and inhaling my favorite essential oils.

Fast forward a year, and many of my exercise times are slow, controlled and strengthening. I have come to love many of the Yoga with Adriene videos. These are great for women and are upbeat, doable and completely FREE on YouTube.

Strengthening Exercises with Essential Oils

The benefits of doing deep breathing, learning balance and stretching tight places has made a difference for me day-to-day. When balancing children, keeping up with a schedule and all the busyness that comes with that, I love these quiet, peaceful, challenging times of exercise.

Once again I like to keep my essential oils nearby to multiply the benefits of my deep breathing. Feeling more alive and having increased wellness (as well as being able to think more clearly!) is how I like to start my day.

Exercise is a wonderful time to really get to know your essential oils by smell. Search your essential oil stash and pick one or two a day to deeply inhale during your workout.

Here are my top four favorites for the slower paced exercise workouts:


Grounding™ – “Is a relaxing and balancing blend of essential oils that provides a stabilizing influence.”


Valor® – “Its woodsy, positive scent comes from a blend of Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, Rosewood, and Frankincense. Its powerful yet calming scent is versatile enough that you can integrate it into your morning and bedtime routines and anywhere in between.”


Frankincense – “Has been sought after since ancient times. The complex aroma of this oil can elevate many aspects of your life. Frankincense essential oil has an earthy, uplifting aroma that’s perfect for grounding and spiritual connectedness. Create a safe and comforting environment when you diffuse or inhale this empowering oil—a perfect opportunity to collect your thoughts.”

Peace and Calming

Peace & Calming® – “Is a gentle, sweet blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy. This fragrant oil is a wonderful addition to your meditation, evening routine, or playtime with the kids. With a comforting, fresh aroma, Peace & Calming oil creates a relaxing environment that’s especially great for homes with children.”

Try out these oils the next time you roll out your mat or are lifting weights. Or experiment with other essential oils and let us know your favorites!

Mommy Oilist Does Whole30


Sugar is hard to give up. Carbs are hard to ditch.  Though we need glucose every day to function, most of us tend to binge, crave and eat too many carbs and too much sugar.

Daddy Oilist and I think a lot about what we eat. We enjoy grass-fed beef produced by a local farmer. We load our basket with fresh fruits and veggies each week.


Yet, I have begun to see a slight change in my cravings. After a stressful (read BabyOilist doesn’t want to nap) afternoon, I crave some cheesecake. Real cheesecake – made with real sugar – the real deal. Or I want to eat a huge hunk of bread.  All these cravings come after a stressful period, not when I am hungry. To help with this, I engaged in a month-long gentle cleanse called, “Whole30.”

The basics of Whole30 are:


  • Whole foods – meats, eggs, lots of veggies, some fruit, nuts, fats and seeds

Not Eating:

  • Grains, dairy, legumes and sugar

This 30 day protocol is not for the faint of heart. There were tough moments. But from day one, I  felt so much better! Yes, there were days that I was extra tired or craved something on the “no” list. But those moments were short lived as I developed a cheat-sheet of tricks that helped me.


Here are five basic and practical tips that helped me:

  • Have a basic plan or menu for each day.
  • When hungry, start making and eating food. Make a salad. Cook some chicken. Or just start eating nuts, bell peppers or a grapefruit.
  • Get enough water.
  • Take your vitamins.
  • Get some extra sleep.


Here is how essential oils helped me get through the Whole30:

  • Cedarwood and Lavender Bath – Sometimes the cravings would come when I was uptight and just needed to relax.
  • Using Young Living essential oils (i.e. Vitality line) in my cooking to add depth, interest and variety. A chopped apple and walnuts with one drop of Thieves Vitality was a yummy, new-found treat!
  • Inhaling and Diffusing – Taking deep inhalations of Grounding, Stress-Away or Valor. This helped refocus my mind, refresh my mood and re-energize my body.
  • Lime and Lemon Water – Squeezing a fresh lemon into a glass of water with one drop of Lime Vitality essential oil was a great pick-me-up.


Whole30 is not for the faint of heart, but it is so worth it. Within a week, my brain fog was gone and I felt so alive. Seeing these results and now having some little tricks in my back pocket, I am ready to do this challenge again!